🔥🎧 3 Stoic Podcasts to Retune Your Mind

Listen to these epic conversations to get your mind back on track

Hello fellow Stoics, ⚔️

In this newsletter I’m going to share with you 3 amazing Stoicism podcasts that I’ve had the pleasure to have been involved with.

If you like The Stoic Handbook and want to get deeper into some of the nuances about Stoicism and my own story, these listens will provide hours of philosophical infotainment.

Before we get to the episodes, just a quick update.

The Stoic Handbook website has been upgraded (see here), and I’ll be posting subscriber-only content there on a regular basis like last week’s post The Stoic Cheat Sheet.

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Now onto the the main event.

#1: Jon Brooks and Mike Slavin Discuss Gamifying Stoic Philosophy

HighExistence Podcast

In this episode, my HighExistence collaborator Mike Slavin interviews me on my own experiences around Stoicism, how I got involved and why it means so much to me. I also discuss my unique take on how I gamify Stoicism.

Listen to the podcast here:

#2: Donald Robertson and Jon Brooks Discuss The Life and Stoicism of Marcus Aurelius

HighExistence Podcast (⭐️ most downloaded episode)

Donald Robertson is a legend in Stoicism, having written six books, the latest being entitled How to Think Like a Roman Emperor. I respect Donald a huge amount and it was an honour to sit down and discuss the life of one of the greatest emperors and greatest Stoics of all time.

Listen to the podcast here:

#3: Donald Robertson and Jon Brooks Discuss How to Learn Stoicism

HighExistence Podcast

This episode features the first conversation I had with Donald Robertson, where we discuss Stoicism in a broad sense. We cover the most important books, learning strategies, and how to maximize it for therapeutic effect.

Listen to the podcast here:

💫 #4: Bonus Podcast: Make Your Myth, Face Your Shadow & Own Your Truth with Erick Godsey

The Curious Humans Podcast with Jonny Miller

This is not a “Stoic” podcast, but it’s a damn good listen and if you’re anything like me, this will provide you with a ton of beautiful ideas. Erick Godsey combines cognitive, evolutionary, and Jungian psychology to help people own their stories and find their place in the world.

Listen to the podcast here:

🎙 https://podcast.curioushumans.com/episodes/make-your-myth-with-erick-godsey

P.S. I’m currently in the process of recruiting some amazing individuals who want to join me on a 10-week Stoicism training experience I call Askesis: The Stoic Immersion Vortex. If you are interested about putting into practice Stoic philosophy and cultivating rock-solid discipline and confidence, reply to this email with “YES” and I’ll get back to you.