Oct 20, 2021 • 9M

The Ultimate Stoic Goal Setting Visualization

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Jon Brooks
Modern practical breakdowns of the best ideas in ancient Stoicism
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Stoicism can at first appear rather paradoxical.

We are told the external world is not within our control and that we should focus all of our energy on our inner world.

But where do goals factor in? How do we focus on becoming a better Stoic and becoming a better person?

This is what this audio is all about.

The Stoics were not against setting goals, but they did warn against aiming at goals that create unnecessary suffering and heartache.

In this guided visualization, I walk you through the Stoic approach to setting and attaining your goals.

The Stoic goal-setting method will do two things:

  1. Increase the chances of you attaining your goal

  2. Reduce unnecessary suffering as you progress toward it

You can find the audio embedded within this post.

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