Sep 10, 2021 • 15M

The Stoic Guide to Overcoming Anxiety

+ New Guided Meditation Course

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Jon Brooks
Modern practical breakdowns of the best ideas in ancient Stoicism

Hello, fellow Stoic ⚔️

I used to suffer from very intense anxiety for the better part of a decade. That quest led me down many rabbit holes of personal development and philosophy that I otherwise would have missed.

Now I help people work with difficult emotions using what I’ve learned, with an emphasis on Stoicism.

Anxiety is crippling and somewhat inescapable in the modern world.

The mainstream media purposefully make us worry, advertisements increase our performance anxiety and health anxiety, and social media does not make it easier to socialize in the real world.

In today’s audio lesson, I begin by sharing the 4 scientific models we use for understanding the cause of anxiety. When you learn these, for the first time you’ll have some idea of what’s going on and how to fix it.

After that, I explain the 3 core Stoic interventions for overcoming our anxiety.

For those who want to go deeper…

The Free Guided “What If Technique” and 6 other Stoic Meditations

Four months ago I teamed up with Insight Timer to create a 7-day Stoic meditation course. It took many, many months to create and refine, but this week it went live.

If you’d like to access my 7-day Stoic anxiety melting meditation course for free with an Insight Timer free trial, you can do so here.

Or you can get the course directly with this link, and also get the “what if technique” free.

If you enjoy my podcasts/writing, you will love this course. I’m extremely proud of it.

Speak to you soon (fate permitting),